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Laundry Outdoor Bag
Laundry Outdoor Bag
Laundry Outdoor Bag

Best Outdoors

Laundry Outdoor Bag

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 The perfect tool for camping. Ultra mesh stuff sacks are some of the lightest stuff sacks available to organize gear in your pack, suitcase, or bag. It uses an advanced multifilament nylon mesh only recently developed. These stuff sacks are lighter than its ultra silk stuff sacks and have to been seen to be believed how small and light they really are! 


  • Small Bag: Sky Blue 
  • Medium Bag: Orange 
  • Large Bag: Green 
  • X-Large Bag: Sky Blue 
  • XX-Large Bag: Black 
  • Small Bag Size: Approx.13 * 26.5cm(D * H)  
  • Medium Bag Size: Approx.17.5 * 32cm(D * H)  
  • Large Bag Size: Approx.22 * 40.5cm(D * H)  
  • X-Large Bag Size: Approx.23.5 * 48.5cm(D * H)  
  • XX-Large Bag Size: Approx.32.5 * 52cm(D * H)